Avail Revenue Solutions, LLC, a Louisiana based company was founded in 2017 by Merwyn P. Landry, Sr., Avail Revenue Solutions set its mission to provide superior collection services of medical debts at a fair price.We know how important doctor/patient relationships are and we value protecting them. We are consistent, kind, and always stay professional.

From independent small physician’s offices to hospital facilities, we offer a variety of solutions that seamlessly integrate with your medical records and practice management systems.

Early Out

Similar to account receivables, we manage your collections in a quick 10-day recovery window. Avail Revenue Solutions will contact the debtor via phone or correspondence and we guarantee our immediate results. READ MORE

Bad Debt

After we go through the early out process, we will continue with Credit Bureau reporting. READ MORE

Third Party Liability

We get attorneys and insurance adjusters involved to resolve claims and/or to file a protective line. READ MORE

Let us put our collection platform to work for you!