Meet Our Team

At Avail Revenue Solutions, we understand that delinquent accounts area frustration for any business. That’s why we want to help you focus on what you do best and leave your collections to us. Avail’s foundation is based on providing excellent service to the client and acting as a liaison between the client and patients.

Our team of collection industry veterans have over 35 years of combined experience.We are your debt recovery specialists.

From pre-collection for services, patient responsible deductible claims to bad debt recovery, we have a deep understanding of the delicate relationship of our medical industry clients and their patients.

Using any other debt collection agency would be a risk you can’t afford to take.

Merwyn Landry, Sr., Founder and CEO

After earning his degree from Southern University and Agricultural and Mechanical College at Baton Rouge, Merwyn started his career in the hospital and health care industry as a Medicaid Eligibility Analyst for Department of Health and Hospitals now known as Louisiana Department of Health. For over two decades, he worked on developing systems and best practices in the healthcare industry.  Working in both the public and private sectors of healthcare with several clients. Through his experiences it has helped build partnerships with clients, State and local agencies throughout the regions of Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas. He is skilled in Healthcare Consulting, Medicaid, Healthcare Industry and Physician Relations.
In 2017, armed with his unique insight into the healthcare industry and his team building skills, Merwyn started Avail Revenue Solutions. Realizing that every client presents a different challenge, Merwyn built the team at Avail Revenue Solutions with a client-centered approach, providing compliance-conscious collections services with a higher quality of service and a better rate of recovery.
Avail Revenue Solutions provides an unmatched level of specialized expertise that helps medical providers move forward with greater financial stability.