Early established debt within a 10-Day Past Due Terms window. Early out is quick start, no excuse, aggressive demand for full payment.

We will guarantee results on your past due account(s) within 14 days or you may request your account be returned free of charge.Guaranteed results include, collecting your account in full, receiving a promise to pay and or payment on your account(s) within 14 days of your qualified assignment.


At 30 Days Past Terms, a customer should be reclassified as a “debtor.” All extended payouts should be completed at 60 Days Past Terms, which is 90 days after due date.  Our billing and accounts receivable management program saves time and increases revenue by collecting all past due balances. Avail Revenue Solutions will work with your office staff to follow up on claims weekly until you are paid thecontractually agreed upon payment for services rendered.


We handle all necessary interactions between insurance companies and other third parties to guarantee timely and maximum payment.Beyond debt collection and contract litigation, our consulting division presents a customized approach for each client involving the three distinct steps to debt collection litigation:

  • Determining if you should sue
  • Filing and winning the lawsuit
  • Collecting the money once a judgment has been issued

When persuasion fails, we do not hesitate to litigate. We utilize professional techniques and proven industry strategies to effect immediate collection of placed accounts. Our full range of services includes an established collection attorney network.